Proclaiming Christ and Him Crucified



St. Cyprianís Episcopal Church- A church where the people of God are growing in the grace of God as they try to live in love and fellowship with each other. We are a faith community who truly love the Lord and in whom the Holy Spirit is doing a mighty work.

A part of the World-wide Anglican Communion and the local Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, St. Cyprianís Church is truly unique as we open ourselves to the powerful Holy Ghost of Pentecost and strive to be grounded in the Word of truth and faith. We are catholic in our worship in so far as we maintain connection with the historical Church that was formed on the Day of Pentecost. But our catholicity is fresh and alive as we worship in the Spirit and according to the truth of the Word. So we are not bound by any tradition, yet are respectful of our roots as we march on to be who God has called us to be. As we worship we are free in the Lord to lift up holy hands and offer our Savior the praise of our hearts, through lips that has been touched with live coals from the Altar of God.

We endeavor to preach Christ and Him crucified with an evangelistic freshness that breathes new life in those who will hear and receive the in grafted Word. Our goal is to present the Word plain so all may hear and come to saving faith in Jesus. We look for the Word to bear the fruits of new life in us and the saving of sinners as the Word by the Holy Spirit convicts sinners.

The Mission Statement of the Church challenges us to be a:

  • Renewed, viable parish that is anchored to the community through ministry and mission to community and congregational needs
  • Beacon of hope in the community
  • A family Church where everyone is welcomed and respected

True to our purpose and perceived mission, we strive to be a witness as a servant church to the local community where the worship space is located. As a result we reach out in loving services as the needs present themselves and as the Lord of the harvest provide us with the resources and personnel through which to respond.

These efforts in turn have forged us together in respectful acceptance of all persons, believing that each one is a creation of a loving God who longs to adopt others into his family of believers.


If you have no church home we invite you to worship with us and as you experience the power of Christ, to make this your church of weekly worship. And if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, we invite you to join us and experience the joy and peace that comes to all who truly know, love and accept Christ. Should you be a believer with a regular place of worship we encourage you to deepen your faith in Jesus and be drawn closer to God through any of the ministry offerings of St. Cyprianís Episcopal.


Until we meet at the Masterís Feet may you continue in the Richest Blessings of Christ.


6114 Twenty-Eighth StreetDetroit, MI 48210

Office: (313) 896-7515Fax: (313) 896-6280


The Rev. Dr. Donald M. Lutas, Pastor

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Founded in 1918



St. Cyprian's

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